How To Lush Up A Sideboard With Leaf Supply

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 months ago | News

Image: via Leaf Supply. Image source.

Plants can totally revitalise your home space. They have been proven to improve our moods and help purify the air in our homes, as well as livening things up with a splash of colour.

Enter @leaf_supply, the botanical brand delivering potted greenery to Sydney homes. Founded by self-professed ‘plant nerds’ Sophia Kaplan and Lauren Camilleri, Leaf Supply never fails to bring a little brightness to our feeds.

And, in their recent How To video, the plant-loving duo shows us how to lush up a sideboard with some simple greenery too. It is the kind of interiors hack that looks good and is good for our health too.

The key, they demonstrate, is choosing a range of different plants – hanging vines, taller monsteras, and smaller succulents, for example. As well as different pots and vessels, for visual variety.

As we are spending even more time than ever in our homes this year, we are all for having an excuse to liven things up with some extra greenery. And a plant-filled sideboard seems like just the solution.

Watch Leaf Supply on YouTube for inspiration on how to lush up your own sideboard.

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