This Is How Paris Plans To Become The World’s Sustainable Fashion Capital

by: Rosie Dalton | 10 months ago | News

Image: the Jacquemus spring-summer 2020 show. Image source.

Couture Week has just wrapped in Paris and, to coincide with this international event, Paris Good Fashion unveiled its first steps towards making Paris the world’s sustainable fashion capital by 2024. The roadmap to achieving this goal reportedly involves three key areas:

1) Creating a circular economy
2) Improving sourcing and traceability
3) Making processes, like manufacturing, distribution and communication, more sustainable

“A fashion show is an incredibly efficient communication tool,” said the producer of Paris Fashion Week, following the Jacquemus spring-summer 2020 show in Provence, France. “They are very visible and broadcast worldwide. We need to use that to show our engagement.”

During a press conference ahead of Couture Week, five additional groups of action were revealed and the overarching themes included: clean energy, water use and eco-fabrics, as well as greener distribution and event management, establishing guidelines to be put in practice by all members of Paris Good Fashion.

According to WWD, the full roadmap toward a more sustainable fashion industry in Paris will be unveiled in January and implemented over the next four years. The projected end date of Paris Good Fashion will be the 2024 edition of the Olympic Games – which is set to be held in the French capital.

“There already was awareness, but up until now, there was no collective presence on the theme of sustainability,” said LVMH environment director Sylvie Bénard. “Paris Good Fashion offers concrete solutions on the long term and not just one shot actions, repositioning Paris at the centre of responsible fashion.”

In order for that to be the case, though, we really need to see more sustainable action on a brand level as well. Because, while it’s great to see this conversation taking centre stage at international fashion weeks, individual brands also need to engage with sustainability for fashion weeks to truly stand for something.

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