I Can't Believe People Bought These Invisible Jeans Just Because Kendall Jenner Wore Them

by: Lucy Jones | 8 months ago | News

Kendall Jenner wearing invisible jeans in March 2017 and Carmar Denim’s Extreme Cut Out Jeans.

I really don’t want to believe that a large number of people purchased invisible jeans just because Kendall Jenner wore them ONCE. But that’s exactly what happened when online retailer Carmar Denim put their version of Jenner’s jeans online last week. The pants have more in common with a packet of dental floss than they do with a pair of denim jeans, and they will set you back £168 ($302 AUD), but that didn’t stop them from selling out in few days.

As far as I can tell, these jeans are either a horrible new offshoot of festival fashion or an expensive joke. The ‘viral jeans’ have already popped up in a few Instagram uploads that suggest the wearer bought them specifically for the photo op.


went viral

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The Extreme Cut Out Pant, for those who dare to bare #carmardenim #extremecutout #mood

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Desert withdrawals

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The success of these shredded jeans shows us just how enormous the influence of celebrity ~influencers~ is. If Kendall Jenner can sell the world literal assless chaps, she can probably sell the world anything (with the exception of Pepsi). So, instead of seeing these pants as a funny viral meme, we should see them for what they really are: an example of consumerism gone absolutely mad.

It’s hard to see how you would get more than one wear out of these novelty jeans. It is also safe to assume that large quantities of denim were discarded in order to achieve that invisible look. This makes them a prime example of disposable, and wasteful, fashion. If we ever hope to address the enormity of the fashion industry's waste problem, we need to stop buying items that we'll only wear once. Everyone, including celebrities, has a role to play in this process. 

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