I Will Pack Precisely These 8 Things For My Long Weekend Trip

by: Kat Patrick | 1 year ago | The Edit

The escape crew in red. Buy it over here!

You never grow out of Easter. Whether it's hunting chocolate eggs or being able to disappear for 4 luxurious days, making the most of the last moments of summer - the light, the warmth, the ocean - Easter is 100% a yearly highlight for me. 

This year, I'm disappearing to Seal Rocks with a pasta maker, pals and the dog and plan on doing nothing but read and eat. As we're trying to minimise the ol' carbon footprint there won't be much room in our small car - mostly because the dog's going-away gear, and the dog, take up most of the space. We will all be packing as lightly as possible, which really gets in the way of my usual technique which is pouring half my wardrobe into a giant bag and hoping for the best. Now, it's all gotta fit into this lovely holdall number:

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The weather at this time of year is a little changeable, so I will be bringing a rainjacket that rolls up to be satisfyingly small:

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Also, SOCKS. I love socks. Especially these socks, which look very smart with my all-black formal looks but are also perfect for sliding around the loungeroom or keeping your toes warm when you're outside on cooler Autumn evenings. SOCKS FORVER!

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I am deeply in love with this crew. It is honestly the best jumper I've ever owned. Again, like most things I love (aka socks) it looks great dressed up and even better when you're just getting cosy on the sofa.

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My skinny Nobody jeans fold up nice and small and are also great for adventuring when the weather isn't all-sunshine, all-the-time. They keep the chafe at bay and can double-up as acceptable attire for the pub at the end of a long day of doing nothing.

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Obviously I am bringing my Teva's because I practically sleep in them and they also look wonderful with - you guessed it - my socks. 

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(That being said, I also love my sneakers so if you balk at the idea of a socks-sandal combo, then bring these instead, you wuss!)

I'll bring exactly three black t-shirts and one of them will be this:

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And snoop/shop all the things below:


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