If You Shop Smart, You Can Construct Your Summer Wardrobe Via Our Winter Sale

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 years ago | The Edit

Image: If The Talented Mr. Ripley doesn't have some of the best summer outfits of all films everywhere, then we really don't know what does.

We live in an interconnected, global, world. This is wonderful because it means, among other things, we can keep in touch with our loved ones who live in the opposite hemisphere; it means we can trade with people who work on the other side of the world; and it means we can watch videos featuring cute puppies we would never otherwise get to see.

But, because what we wear is largely dictated by the seasons (thanks science), buying clothing from the other side of the world can be a little more complicated. The Coat We Must Have becomes available in the middle of a run of 30 degree days in Sydney; The Bikini To End All Bikinis arrives when we’re shivering in our non-insulated house in the middle of winter. And so on.

On the plus side, this has resulted in labels creating collections filled with trans-seasonal items: those garments which can be worn in autumn and spring, sure, but will also provide handy layering options in winter and lack thereof in summer.

Which is why we’ve gone through the last gasp of our winter 2016 sale section, to find the pieces which will be perfect for the forthcoming sunshine (any day now). Don’t say we don’t ever do anything nice for you.


1) The Dance Slip in Navy: was $244AUD, now $170AUD

2) The Domus Shirt Dress, available in White (pictured) and Botanical: was $225AUD, now $138AUD

3) Love Letter Dress, available in Blue chambray (pictured) and Black: was $214AUD now $127AUD

4) Layer Party Dress in Pomegranate: was $427AUD, now $214AUD

5) Gloria Wrap Dress in White: was $260AUD, now $208AUD


1) Building Block Scoop Tee, available in Navy and White Stripe, Grey Marle, White, and Black: Was $64AUD, now $54AUD

2) V-Neck Tee, available in Beige (pictured), Grey Marle, and Charcoal: Was $130AUD, now $90AUD

3) Tencel Top in Black: was $119AUD, now $84AUD

Tops Which Aren't T-Shirts But Are Still Perfect For Summer

1) Atlas Bustier in Indigo: was $147AUD, now $73AUD

2) Diana Tee in Biro Blue Flowers on White: was $191AUD, now $93AUD

3) Off By Heart Top: was $284AUD, now $142AUD

4) Conscious Canvas Top in in Natural: was $270AUD, now $80AUD

5) Wild Honey Blondell Tee in Navy and White Stripe: was $220AUD, now $165AUD


1) Mondo Shorts in Promise: were $149AUD, now $89AUD

2) Skyline Shorts in Eco: were $149AUD, now $89AUD


1) Tencel Wrap Skirt in Black: was $277AUD, now $139AUD


2) Geo Pencil Skirt in Joy: was $149AUD, now $99AUD


1) Winter Juno Lace Up in Ink Suede: were $390AUD, now $350AUD

2) Sade Slide in Indigo: was $382AUD, now $191AUD

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