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5 Innovations Helping To Minimise Plastic Waste In Fashion

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 months ago | Features

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Plastic waste is a big deal in fashion. According to the UN, about 60% of material made into clothing is plastic, which includes polyester, acrylic and nylon textiles. These garments shed tiny plastic fibres called microfibres, which have led to an estimated 1.4 million trillion plastic fibres in the ocean. 

So reducing plastic waste in fashion is critical. Which is why we’re rounding up five modern innovations, from circular materials, to microfibre filters, that are helping to minimise plastic waste in fashion.


1) Econyl

Econyl is Aquafil’s 100% regenerated nylon yarn, which comes from pre- and post-consumer nylon waste like fishing nets and old carpets. This innovative fabric is often used in sustainable swimwear and it helps to reduce the amount of new synthetic materials being made, while also diverting pollution out of our oceans.


2) Recycled PET

Recycled PET extracts and reuses the polymer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) – a form of polyester which accounts for over 50% of the synthetic fibres in the world – to prevent the release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Recycled PET is considered a more sustainable alternative to its virgin alternative because it results in lower energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact.


3) GuppyFriend

Because synthetic materials shed microfibres when washed, The Kind has invented the GuppyFriend washing bag. Which is a scientifically approved solution to prevent microfibres from entering our rivers and oceans. All you have to do is wash your synthetics in this bag to reduce your plastic waste.


4) BioBags

You have probably seen graphic images of marine life being strangled by plastic bags, which is why innovative BioBags have been such a gamechanger for the fashion industry. These biodegradable shopping bags are made from things like corn starch, to help reduce plastic waste.


5) Compostable packaging

Compostable mailing bags are now being made in innovative renewable materials like agricultural by-products or food waste. With the amount of packaging that is used in fashion today, these plastic-free alternatives help to drastically minimise plastic waste.




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