Inside The Sydney Apartment Of Vintage Afficionado Liz McPherson

by: Rosie Dalton | 5 months ago | Features

Image: Elizabeth McPherson @theiconic, wearing the 501 Jeans in Lovefool

Elizabeth McPherson works in PR and she also happens to have one of the best vintage collections we have ever come across. As a self-professed vintage hoarder, Liz recently decided to launch her own vintage shopping platform (Peached) through Instagram. By shopping vintage over new, Liz finds that she can minimise her waste and also breathe life into pre-loved pieces – both in her wardrobe and in her home.

That home is a light-filled, top floor apartment in Darlinghurst, which she shares with her boyfriend Noel and their British Shorthair cat, Butch. Inviting us into her home, Liz shows Well Made Clothes around; introduces us to some of her favourite vintage finds; and gives us the inside track on where she sources the best vintage for her home and wardrobe alike.  

Rosie Dalton: Hey Liz, thanks for having us over in your new apartment?
Liz McPherson: You are welcome – I just moved in recently.

Rosie: What do you love so far about living in Darlinghurst?
Liz: I love that it is so central. I can walk to work and a lot of my friends live right around the corner, so it’s really convenient. I was living in Bondi before and I do miss the beach, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still spend lots of time at the beach in summer.

Rosie: You mentioned earlier that you had to cull your wardrobe a little before the move – how did you decide what to keep?
Liz: I kept a lot of really key pieces that I have collected over the years – like this dress that I bought in New Zealand three years ago. And also pieces that I feel reflect my personal style. I really love pattern and colour, so another favourite one of my dresses is this floaty, floral-printed style from the seventies, which I got from my grandma. 

Image: Liz's fave plant, her Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Rosie: You have such an amazing vintage collection! Can you tell us about how Peached came about?
Liz: Well Peached happened pretty organically. I am a vintage hoarder and needed to sell some of my pieces, because I was running out of space. But I wanted them to go to a good home – to people who would appreciate them in the way that I do.

Rosie: And what kind of pieces do you generally sell on Peached?
Liz: It is a real mix. Clothing is kind of where it all started, but then it has gradually evolved more into accessories. I feel like a lot of people follow Peached for the bag collection.

Rosie: And who is the Peached customer, do you think?
Anyone that loves vintage as much as I do! A lot of the stuff on Peached I sell to collectors of those particular items, which is cool.

Image: Liz's bedroom features striped linen and a pair of vintage mustard cushions.  

Rosie: Where do you find your vintage pieces usually?
Liz: All over the place! There is an op shop on Cleveland Street in Surry Hills, which I go to on my lunchbreaks. And I also find a lot of stuff from little markets and garage sales. 

Rosie: Can you tell us about some of your favourite places to find homewares?
Liz: Again, I tend to shop more vintage for the home. I found these yellow cushions on my bed at the Salvation Army in Paddington, for example – they were a dollar. I really love yellow, so this is definitely the colour of choice in my home. The yellow lamp in our living room was another vintage find from Gumtree and I am obsessed with the mid-century bureau in our room too, which I found at the Mitchell Road Antiques Centre in Alexandria.

Image: Liz's cat, Butch, lounging on her mid-century bureau from Mitchel Road Antique Centre. 

Rosie: What do you tend to look for in a home space?
: A high roof and lots of natural light – I feel like light is everything. We also have a rooftop here, which is probably what sold me on the apartment. It is great for hosting – and I love hosting, so I’m really excited to spend some more time up there in summer. 

Rosie: I love that you have so many plants in your home too!
: I actually bought this one in my bedroom when it was really small and it’s grown a lot. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring all of my plants with me, though. I had this massive one at my old place – we call it The Monster – which I have had for five years now. It doesn’t fit in our apartment, but I think I might put it up on the roof.

Rosie: What would you say are some of your favourite plants for the home then?
Liz: The fiddle leaf fig tree is definitely one of my favourites!


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