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We're Taking Interior Decorating Tips From The Homes Of These Creatives

by: Rosie Dalton | 3 years ago | Features

Image: designer Sophie Buhai’s LA home. Image source.

As we struggle to make it through the winter months in Australia, we find ourselves looking forward to a spring clean and the chance to do a little redecorating in the process. With that in mind, we’re looking to some of our favourite creatives — from jewellery designers and interior architects, to health experts and artists — for a little inspiration in the interiors department. These women are not only impeccably stylish in their day-to-day lives, but have also managed to curate the most beautiful home spaces as well. 

In theory, this should probably make us totally envious, but instead it just sparks all sorts of ideas and makes us feel inspired to lend that special creative touch to our own homes. Whether that’s by repurposing old clothing into plant hangers, detoxifying the products we use in the home, or investing in new pieces of furniture and beautiful throw blankets. Whatever your décor style, it is often these small changes that can help transform a space.

1) Caroline Legrand’s oasis in Ibiza

Image source

Caroline Legrand is an Interior Architect, so it’s little wonder that her abode in Ibiza is decorated to a tee. In particular, we love the 70s style décor and mix of incredibly unique pieces like this amazing desk situation. Seriously, have you ever seen anything like it? I have a feeling that doing any sort of work while perched atop this particular masterpiece wouldn’t feel like work at all. Shall we just move to Spain then?

2) Sophie Buhai’s LA home

Image source.

Sophie Buhai is a jewellery designer based in LA and her impeccably styled apartment is basically a decorator’s dream. Featuring arched doorways, a white mantle piece and leather detailing throughout, it all feels refreshingly light and airy. We especially love the little details like her fragrance shelf and the tall doors that open out onto a garden backyard. Just like a little oasis in the middle of Los Angeles, it is giving us major home inspo.     

3) Christiane Spangsberg’s Danish nook

Image source.

This Danish artist’s home manages to be quite minimal but homely at the same time. Filled with her own artworks, it also features lots of timber detailing, coffee table books and cosy throws. Often posting pictures to Instagram of her working with a candle burning in the background, Christiane’s little light-filled nook makes us want to curl up underneath a Seljak blanket and explore our very own creative impulses at home. 

4) Daphne Javitch’s New York apartment

Image source

Daphne Javitch used to work in fashion, where she consulted for brands like Theory and started her own line of seamless cotton underwear called TEN. But these days Javitch is busy working as a wellness guide for clients all over the world and featuring on Podcasts about health. The apartment she shares with her husband Pali in New York has got just the right mix of whitewashed walls meets polished timber. Plus that custom-made couch is simply to die for. 

5) Vanessa Traina’s bathtub of our dreams

Image source.

Vanessa Traina is a stylist and the daughter of romance novelist Danielle Steel. Her New York apartment makes our list of interior decorating inspirations, because not only is it beautifully curated, but it also features one of the dreamiest bathtub situations we have ever seen. And we particularly love the fact that it’s set on wooden floorboards (practical or not), with floating shelves situated behind. You know, for all your ritzy shower gels and soap bars.

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