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5 Interiors Hacks For A Stylish, Plastic-Free Home

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 month ago | Features

Image via @ettitudestore.

We have been spending more time at home than usual over the past few months. Which has been a great opportunity to revitalise our living spaces and introduce new elements that make us feel at home.

Now that it is officially Plastic-Free July, we’re curating our spaces to be as stylish and plastic-free as possible. So here are some of our favourite interiors hacks, for cleansing our homes of single use plastics.

1) Soap bars

Bars of soap are back in a big way. And they can make a stylish addition to your bathroom or kitchen sink, especially if you invest in a great wooden or ceramic soap dish for them to sit in. Just think how many plastic bottles of liquid soap this could save you!

2) Glass vessels
Image via @orchardstlove.

Curate a line up of beautiful glass jars to house things like tea and coffee on your kitchen bench. Then, instead of buying snacks like nuts in plastic bags at the supermarket, you can take those jars and have them refilled at your local health food shop, to save on plastic waste.

3) A ceramic water filter

Plastic water bottles are one of the most pervasive problems when it comes to single use plastics. So, instead of buying bottled water, why not invest in a beautiful ceramic filter instead? This will look great in your kitchen and it will filter out any impurities from the tap water, so you can fill your Klean Kanteen with ease.

4) Sustainable linens

Microplastics from synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon make up 85% of the human-made materials found in the ocean. So we like to think of sustainable, plastic-free linens as both an investment for our homes and for the health of the planet. We particularly love the luxurious bamboo linens by Ettitude.

5) A beautiful coffee set
Image: via @rosie_dalton.

A beautiful coffee set looks good in your kitchen and it is good too. Use this set to make coffee at home, rather than drinking it out. But, if you do go out, remember to pack your Keep Cup, so you can avoid single use plastic coffee cups.

Happy Plastic-Free July!

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