Introducing The Next Gen Of Ethical Footwear

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 weeks ago | Features

Image: Veja V-10s being assembled in Brazil. Image source.

The shoes we wear have a significant impact on climate change, with the average pair of sneakers generating 13kg of carbon dioxide emissions, according to MIT scientists. Many traditional sneaker materials also contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to both people and the planet. Which is why we’re reducing our planetary ~footprint~ with ethical sneakers and sandals. Enter our ethical footwear section, which has the best selection anywhere (in our humble opinion).

It is full of shoes with ethical values by some of the world’s most progressive designers. This next gen of labels includes Veja – whose soles are made from wild rubber harvested in the Amazon. Which helps adds value to the forest and supports the livelihoods of local Seringueiros (rubber tappers) there. This is in contrast to the synthetic rubber used in traditional sneakers, which is made from crude oil in a water- and energy-intensive process.

Teva, which has just announced that, as of 2020, its iconic straps will be made from recycled plastic, reducing the need for virgin plastics to be produced. The innovative REPREVE yarn that Teva is now using for its straps has already helped to divert more than 19 billion plastic bottles from landfill.

NZ-based brand Collective Canvas makes timeless organic cotton footwear, in a transparent supply chain. “The [traditional footwear] industry is still very focussed around fast trends, cheap, synthetic products, and heavy discounting,” explains co-founder Oscar Anselmi. “To me, slow fashion takes an antithetical approach and concentrates on creating products that eschew trends in favour of timelessness, ethical construction and life cycle consideration.” 

EKN is a German-based label creating directional footwear, which is fairly made, in a transparent supply chain, from sustainable materials, including organic cotton, recycled PET, and recycled rubber. And we are also stoked to introduce our newest footwear brand, Zouri, which makes eco-vegan footwear using plastic waste upcycled from the Portuguese coastline, together with ecologic and sustainable materials.

Our game-changing brands are leading the way in ethical footwear production. Please meet the next generation of designers helping to clean up our wardrobes.


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