We Have So Many Questions About Jared Leto's Truly Awful Merch

by: Lucy Jones | 10 months ago | News

Jared Leto wearing a perplexing new piece of Thirty Seconds to Mars merchandise. Image source.

Jared Leto has taken a brave stand against women who make money. The actor and frontman of a band that is apparently still relevant was spotted in a hoodie that lists the names and salaries of America's highest-paid models. These successful women all make over $9 million a year, crazy right! Leto sure thinks so. What a powerful and important message to share in the wake of the wage inequality debates raised by the #MeToo movement. NOT!

We have no idea who approved the model salaries jumper but, as Jezebel's Maria Sherman points out in her deep dive on the merch, "Leto, honey, your misogyny is showing". The sexist sweater comes from a cringeworthy and confusing new line of Thirty Seconds to Mars merchandise. The band's new album is called America so all the merch is themed around American things, so smart! "For me the lists are almost like a time capsule. Independently they may surprise, entertain or provoke, but as a group they give us a sense of the culture we are a part of + the times we are living in, Which one is your fave?" Leto wrote in an Instagram post promoting the merchandise.

Tbh, we're struggling to pick our least favourite piece in the range. Maybe it's the one that lists popular sex positions in America, or should we say "postions". These include "face", which, not sure. 

Or maybe the one that features the names of seven famous American artists that are all, yep you guessed it, men.

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This week: Freiburg, Krakow, Bratislava + Graz!! Gettin' closer, Latin America.. Who's excited?

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There's also the 'six American names' t-shirt, which lists one woman as well as... Jesus? Okay, Jared.

Image source.

The 'hot topics in America' jumper and the 'profitable brands' sweater are strong contenders too. Strangely, the big brands jumper doesn't list the annual profit of these companies, because why criticise giant corporations when you can criticise successful women?

Image source.

But the winner of the worst t-shirt in the world award has to go to this guy: 

Image source.

Now that's a question we will never ever be asking ourselves.

This post was originally published two months ago. 

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