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by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | News

Image: the Breezy Britt Jeans by Nudie Jeans.
Jeans are one of the most resource heavy clothing items to produce, so to reduce the impact of our wardrobes we’re wearing jeans with ethical values.

We’re proud to announce that all of our key jeans labels (Denimsmith, Nudie Jeans, Denim, Made Good, and Kowtow), are made fairly, and the majority of jeans by our key jeans labels are made with sustainable materials, too. From our selection of Nudie jeans, which are fairly-made from certified organic cotton; to our exclusive Denim, Made Good jeans, which are fairly-made from sustainable hemp denim; to our selection of Denimsmith jeans, which are fairly- and locally-made in Melbourne, we have the best selection of jeans with ethical values (that we know of, anyway). Explore our labels, and our favourite styles from said labels, below!

1) Nudie Jeans

When it comes to responsible denim production, Nudie Jeans leads the way, meeting 5 of our 8 Well Made Clothes Values. The Swedish-based denim label makes the highest quality jeans, fairly, from certified organic cotton, in a transparent supply chain. On top of this, Nudie Jeans helps us to extend the life of our jeans, by offering a free repair service for its jeans in its Nudie Jeans Repair Shops. Which is to say, Nudie Jeans has a production supply chain (and final product) we can get behind, and get our behinds into.

Our favourite fit? The Breezy Britt Jeans

The Breezy Britt Jeans are a high waist style with a straight leg, read, the vintage-inspired straight leg jeans of our dreams. Like all Nudie Jeans, they’re made from rigid denim, so you’ll need to break them in, but, as the adage goes, good things take time, and it's 100% worth it.

2) Denimsmith

Because we live in our jeans, we like to know the people making them are being treated fairly. Which is why we love Denimsmith: the label makes all of the classic styles we love, plus special seasonal pieces, in Melbourne, in Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited facilities, ensuring that Denimsmith jeans not only look good, but are good, too.

Our favourite fit? The Aubrey Jeans

We wear jeans every day, and, while we love a pair of classic straight leg jeans, we also love variety. Enter the Aubrey Jeans: still high and tight through the butt (the perfect fit, designed by Australia’s leading denim expert), but with a wide, cropped leg for a point of difference and for when it’s too hot for anything else.

3) Denim, Made Good

The Project 1 Jeans are the world’s most sustainable jeans, we think, because they’re made from hemp, one of the world’s most sustainable fibres. We’ve also used nickel-free domes, recycled zips, and paper labels, so every component of these jeans has as little environmental impact as possible.

Waste is one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry, so we also need these jeans to fit, and to fit perfectly. We brought the bits and pieces from our favourite vintage jeans to the table. We then passed these over to Australian denim experts to turn them into the straight leg jeans of our dreams. The Project 1 Jeans, with high waist, slim-straight leg, and contrast stitching, are the result, and we love them.

Our favourite fit? The Project 1 Jeans

The Well Made Clothes team worked with Good Studios and Denimsmith to design the perfect vintage-inspired straight leg jeans, and we think we did a pretty great job (if we do say so ourselves). The Project 1 Jeans are high and tight through the rise and butt, then straight through the leg, and come in three washes. We’re so happy with these, we can stop searching for that pair of perfect vintage Levi’s which likely don’t exist.

4) Kowtow

We wax lyrically about Kowtow, because everything is fairly-made from certified organic cotton, and because everything is really really nice.

Our favourite fit? The Stage Pants

Over the past few seasons, Kowtow has perfected the fit of the Stage Pants, and we are pleased to say they're now the perfect pant-jean hybrid, and they're the pair of pant-jeans we're wearing to work every day. 

If you require any fit or size assistance, please feel free to Instant Message, or email us at with any fit or existential questions you might have.

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