Katy Perry’s Met Gala Margiela Masterpiece Took 350 Hours To Make

by: Courtney Sanders | 3 years ago | News

Image: via Dazed Digital.

When the Met Gala took place last week, we covered the problematic nature of H&M and Topshop presenting looks on the red carpet, because it's essentially a marketing initiative which distracts us from the problems in the supply chains of fast fashion companies. Moreover, if the Met Gala is about anything, it’s about celebrating the art and craftsmanship of fashion, and the fashion houses that, often through hundreds of years worth of experience, have skills like no other, and create pieces which are nothing short of spectacular works of art.

Enter the co-chair of the exhibition, Katy Perry, who chose to wear a look from Maison Margiela’s incredible Spring-Summer 2017 Artisanal collection. Rather than wearing a piece by Comme des Garçons, to whom this year’s exhibition is dedicated, Katy Perry arguably chose to interpret the radical, voluminous underpinnings of Rei Kawakubo’s work via John Galliano’s work for Maison Margiela and her outfit, from the cage-like construction of the body of the dress, to the intricate volume created throughout the skirt, to the message of the veil, was an incredible choice.

It’s no wonder, considering how much detail is in this collection of garments, that it took over 350 hours of skilled handcraftsmanship to create. According to Dazed Digital, one whole week was dedicated to the embroidery alone, and they have released a beautiful selection of photos of the making of the pieces, which you can check out below. Skilled craftsmanship is still alive and kicking in the fashion industry, let’s hope it stays that way.

Via Dazed Digital.

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