Le Buns’ Founder On The Benefits Of Sustainable Lingerie – For Us, And The Planet

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 week ago | Features

Image: LÉ BUNS lingerie and loungewear.

LÉ BUNS is an Australian label that makes lingerie and loungewear from sustainable materials in a transparent supply chain – which is just the way we like it. We caught up with the founder and creative director of LÉ BUNS, Keisha Dessaix, to chat about how she ensures the comfort and practicality of her lingerie and loungewear, and what she sees as the biggest problems with today’s fashion industry. Onwards!

Well Made Clothes: Hi! Can you give us a little bit of your background in the lead-up to LÉ BUNS? What had you been working on previously and what made you want to start LÉ BUNS?

Keisha Dessaix: After spending a number of years working in the industry and coming to understand the amount of waste and questionable practices taking place, I didn’t want to be yet another label in the market contributing to these practices and to the excessive amount of textiles being sent to landfill.

I wanted to create a clothing option that could serve a deeper purpose to the market, promoting thought and consideration around conscious consumption – through LÉ BUNS’ values and our brand identity.

WMC: Why lingerie (for starters)?

Keisha: At the time I launched the label I felt there was no middle ground between OTT lacey, uncomfy lingerie and mass-produced cotton briefs that would just get a bit saggy and sad after a few wears and washes. Underwear is also the first layer of clothing we go to and wear most often. So what better place to inspire ethical and sustainable fashion options to our every day than quite literally from the bottom up.

WMC: All LÉ BUNS pieces are made with sustainable materials. Can you tell us why this was important to you, and why you chose organic cotton and bamboo?

Keisha: Offering materials that offer less damage to the environment such as GOTS organic cotton and bamboo were a clear choice plus they offer other functional benefits to the wearer such as breathability and softness.

WMC: Obviously a huge amount of time and effort goes into fit and comfort of lingerie. Can you tell us a little bit about your development process, and what you ensure is present when you’re designing a piece?

Keisha: As designers, we have the opportunity to lessen our footprint through our practice, and this is what inspires me most. I take a practical approach to my design process, balancing a minimal, classic design. For me, focusing on fit and premium eco fabrication is how I ensure a customer loves a piece and wants to wear it time and time again. So I ensure each and every design has been carefully considered to compliment your body and your every move – comfortably.

WMC: You’ve moved into loungewear now which is exciting! What made you want to extend your offering to loungewear?

Keisha: Loungewear felt like a natural progression of our aesthetic being designed to seamlessly pair back, elevate, and get more wear from your existing wardrobe pieces.

WMC: Which is your favourite loungewear set and why?

Keisha: The Lilly Robe is the ultimate essential: it’s practical, versatile and luxurious. Made from 100% pure premium linen and can be worn as a dress, robe or swim cover up.

WMC: More generally, what do you think the biggest problems in the fashion industry are right now?

Keisha: The effects of excessive consumption on the planet are becoming alarmingly apparent. As designers and customers, we need to continue to question what impact our consumption is having on the planet more than ever before and the opportunities for us to minimise our footprint.

WMC: And how do you think we as designers and customers can work towards a better future for fashion?

Keisha: Customers are becoming increasingly mindful and aware of how they can support sustainable practice. It’s an empowering time! As shoppers, each of us can drive and influence positive change by simply supporting ethically focused designers and initiatives.

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