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Ways To Affect Legislative Change On Climate Action

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 8 months ago | Features

Image: from last week's rally in Sydney. Image source.

In the midst of the current Bushfire Crisis – and other environmental tragedies happening worldwide – climate action is clearly critical. And the Australian government is doing too little to implement that action. So below we’re rounding up a few practical ways you can help affect legislative change when it comes to climate and environmental issues. Because, as activist Howard Zinn said: “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

1) Protest
We protested the government’s response to our Bushfire Crisis last week, along with thousands of other Sydneysiders, Australians all over the nation and people of all backgrounds across the world. But just because there aren’t organised rallies like this one every week, doesn’t mean you can’t still protest. In 2018, Greta Thunberg rose to fame for spending her school days outside the Swedish parliament, demanding stronger action on climate change. You, too, can protest outside parliament on home soil, or take to social media to make sure your voice is heard.

2) Sign petitions
In addition to protesting IRL and via social media, signing petitions is another form of digital protest. There aren’t currently any Parliamentary Petitions open for signatures, but Change.org has a number of great petitions open, which call for urgent legislative change. Like the petition for a Royal Commission into the Bushfire Crisis, for example, and the one calling on Scott Morrison to declare a climate emergency. Get signing! 

3) Write a letter to your local MP
You can also make your voice heard in the fight to affect legislative change by writing a letter to your local MP. Fortunately, speaker Anna Rose Richards has made this even easier, by drafting a climate action letter for Australians to send to their local representative (you can find your local MP here and their contact details over here). This non-biased, non-political document lets your elected representative know that the environment is important to you and that it will affect your vote.

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