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Lululemon Workers Are Allegedly Facing Rampant Abuse

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | News

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When the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in 2013, it claimed the lives of more than 1,100 Bangladeshi garment workers. Now six years on from this disaster, human rights violations still remain rife right throughout global fashion supply chains. The most recent example of this comes amid allegations that Lululemon workers have been facing rampant physical and verbal abuse.

The Guardian reports that the Canadian brand recently launched a partnership with the United Nations Foundation to reduce stress levels and promote the mental health of aid workers. But what has emerged is claims from Lululemon’s Bangladeshi female factory workers that they are being physically and verbally abused.

The young female workers at a Bangladesh factory making leggings for the label gave detailed accounts of how they struggled to survive on meagre wages and faced physical violence by their managers. Some report being called “whores” and “sluts”, while others say that they have been forced to work despite ill-health or been hit when they have to leave work earlier than expected.

Some labourers at the factory – which is owned and run by the Youngone Corporation – are paid 9,100 taka a month ($156), which is well below living wage estimates and the 16,000 taka that unions have been demanding.

In response to these allegations, Lululemon said it doesn’t tolerate any violations of its strict code of practice and that it would launch an immediate investigation. “There are currently no orders planned for this factory, and we will take appropriate action based upon the findings of our investigation,” a spokesperson said.

What all this shows, though, is that modern slavery does still exist in fashion supply chains and that both brands and consumers need to take action to enact positive change.


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