MBFWA Needs To Stand For Something

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 5 months ago | News

Image: backstage at the Aje show. Image source

It is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) right now and we are pleased to see that there have been some improvements this year in terms of sustainability. A number of presenting designers support this ethos – including Bassike, Lee Matthews and our very own Elk. But it is still a far cry from some of the international Fashion Weeks, where the conversation around sustainability has recently taken centre stage.

Which causes us to question why fashion isn’t engaging more with the serious issues behind the clothes. Yes, certain brands have a sustainability ethos at their core and the MBFWA organiser, IMG, has committed to reducing single use plastic and printed collateral throughout the event. But we need to be bringing the conversation further to the fore.

Why are there not panels about the future of the industry happening throughout the week, for example? This is the case with other creative conferences, but fashion seems like one of the last industries to embrace this approach. Yes, there are a couple of seminars happening on the Friday, but by then all of the shows have wrapped up and many attendees have already left town. 

Further to this, why aren’t we seeing brands open up more about the materials they are using throughout the collections, who made the clothes and why? Things are certainly improving, but they are not changing fast enough. And if MBFWA doesn’t stand for something, then it is ultimately going to be irrelevant – especially in an era where fashion is facing major criticism over its impact on both people and planet.

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