Watch The Trailer For This Brutal New Film About The Lives Of Garment Workers

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | News

Image: a still from Machines. Image source.

As the negative environmental and social effects of the fast fashion industry have become increasingly clear in recent years, documentaries and TV shows have been released to expose them and to raise awareness about them. The most prominent of these is probably The True Cost, which, released in 2015 and produced by renowned ethical fashion journalist Lucy Siegle, unpacks the entire fashion industry supply chain, from seed to retail floor, from environmental to human impacts, during its running time.

Now there's a film specifically dedicated to the worker’s lives who create the garments which keep this $1.5 trillion industry alive. As Dazed Digital reports, first-time director Rahul Jain based his new documentary, Machines, inside one textile mill in Gujarat, India, choosing to focus on capturing the specifics of the production process in beautiful, and therefore antithetically toxic, detail.

From close-ups of gluggy, putridly-coloured liquid, to following a worker covered in plastic move through an obviously-polluted space, the trailer for Machines captures the people who create our clothes, the constant danger they face, and the dirty nature of the industry as a whole, in incredibly tactile detail. The film is out now and won the Sundance World Cinema Documentary award for Cinematography. We haven't been able to find Australasian cinema release details but will update this post if and when we do, and while you're waiting you can watch the trailer below and read an interview with Jain here.

Via Dazed Digital

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