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Make Your Own Non-Medical Mask

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 4 months ago | Features

Our team member, Miv, in the process of making her non-medical mask.

Considering wearing masks will be made compulsory for people out in public in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire from 11:59pm on Wednesday, we're sharing a simple pattern for a non-medical mask, care of the Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and you can head to the DHHS website for more detailed instructions.

Here’s how.


- Three layers of fabric at approx. 25cm x 15cm each (according to the DHHS, the inner layer should be a water-absorbing fabric like cotton and the outer layer should be a water-resistant fabric like polyester)

- Thread

- A sewing machine or needle

- Some elastic or ties for keeping the mask in place


1. Cut out three layers of fabric in 25x15cm rectangles

2. Stack them neatly and in order (according to the DHHS guidelines above), then fold down one edge of the long side, to create a 1cm seam

3. Stitch down the folded long side

4. Repeat step two and three for the opposite edge on the long side

5. Fold the short sides over to create a seam and stitch that way as well (leaving room to thread your elastic or ties through

6. Run your elastic or fabric tie through the hem

7. Knot the ends of your elastic tightly

8. Wear responsibly

For a more detailed pattern, visit Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) over here.

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