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What Went Down At Melbourne Fashion Week's Ethical Clothing Showcase

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | News

Image: from the Ethical Clothing Showcase at Melbourne Fashion Week. Image source.

As part of Melbourne Fashion Week recently, Ethical Clothing Australia and The City of Melbourne presented a showcase of ethical fashion, which included the likes of Nobody Denim, Belmore and Cue. As an accreditation body working towards a more transparent and accountable fashion industry in Australia, ECA is passionate about local production and supporting fashion labels that value having a close working relationship with their makers. Designed to shed light on these issues, the showcase proved to be a vibrant and inspiring event.

“An ethical local supply chain isn’t just about doing the right thing,” explains Cue. “It’s also about supporting an industry and its workers so that Cue can remain in Australia for many years to come.” With this in mind, transparency was a particularly key focus for the showcase and it is a value that’s upheld by all ECA-accredited brands. As Nobody Denim explains, for example, “through a transparent supply chain and manufacturing items closer to their end destination, Nobody Denim has reduced logistic costs, environmental impact and increased productivity.”

It is so important that we continue to support this sort of open dialogue between brands and their customers; as well as brands and their makers. Events like ECA’s Ethical Fashion Showcase really help to shed necessary light on these vital conversations and we hope to see many more of them cropping up on the local fashion schedule over the months to come.    

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