Most British People Want Faster Climate Action, According To A New Survey

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 4 months ago | News

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A recent survey conducted by The Climate Coalition found that the large majority of British people want to see faster action on climate change. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 69% said that they want to see strong environmental laws implemented by MPs. And two thirds believe that Britain should cut its carbon emissions to zero faster than the 2050 goal pledged by former prime minister Theresa May. 

The majority of people surveyed said that issues surrounding climate change have now become more mainstream and visible than ever before – with 58% saying that they talk about climate change and the environment more now than they did five years ago. All of which suggests that governments really need to be taking these issues much more seriously.

“The government’s decision to set a net zero target in law was clearly a response to calls for action from voters which have grown louder and louder in recent months,” explains the Climate Coalition’s campaigns director Clara Goldsmith. “Now we need our politicians to put policies in place to deliver on that target, as well as measures to clean up the air we breathe and the plastic in our seas. The findings in this poll make clear the scale of support for action in the form of statistics.”

So the question becomes, then: if there is so much support for climate action in Britain and other countries around the world, why are so many governments still turning a blind eye to these issues? We would argue that the time to act is now.

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