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Buy These 5 Statement Pieces, We Promise You Can Wear Them A Bunch Of Different Ways

by: Courtney Sanders | 4 years ago | The Edit

Image: Have as much outfit fun as the kids in Pretty in Pink, but for more than just one night. Image source.

There are a few mantras which are very close to our hearts (because well-made clothing is our number one love): invest in quality over quantity; invest in classic pieces, like one great pair of tailored black pants, one great pencil skirt, one great little black dress yada yada yada; and do as the French do, via the Five Piece French Wardrobe.

You know what though? Sometimes we don’t want to buy something classic. Sometimes we want to shop like we live our social lives, and do something which is extremely fun but which we might regret later, and doing something fun in our social lives and doing something fun in our shopping lives probably costs about the same, given the price of cocktails these days.

But what if you could buy the extremely fun thing and not regret it the next morning when it arrives by overnight FedEx? Just like in our social lives, it is possible to have the fun and not regret the fun, it just requires slightly more thought. So, here, we unpack 5 of the most fun items on the site in terms of how you could wear them in more ways than one.

1) The Deepest Darkest Dress in Verde, reduced from $481AUD to $147AUD

The obvious use for this dress is as the statement dress you wear to the wedding to make people jealous – it is green after all (sorry not sorry). But if you throw a white t-shirt underneath it, you’ve got a cute, daytime summer outfit; if you throw a black turtleneck and black opaque tights underneath it you’ve got a cute, daytime winter outfit; and, if you’re feeling experimental, throw a white shirt and Mom jeans underneath it and you’ve got the whole ‘the ‘90s is back but not in the way you would expect’ look which is v. popular with fashion Instagrammers right now.

2) The Cindy Suit Pant in Navy, $260AUD

On first look, these pants look like kind of crazy, ‘oh they’re cool but I’ll never wear them’ pants. But on closer inspection, they’re actually the kind of wonderfully tailored, comfortable (they’re 100% silk) pants which will effortlessly take you from the office to after-work drinks, or to that thing you have to go to on Saturday afternoon but don't know what the dress code is.

3) The Squiggle Choker in Sterling Silver, $540AUD

Yes, this is an extreme item of jewellery. But, two things here: firstly, jewellery never loses its value because the raw material can always be melted down into something else. Secondly, this piece, by Holly Ryan, is inspired by such strong, not to mention classic, thematic touch points that we can’t see it going out of style for quite some time. Furthermore, if it does go out of style, refer to the first point, take it to your local jeweller, and turn it into something new.

4) The Place To Be Cape in Black, $245AUD

OK, so as far as we’re concerned, this is the best of all the worlds. It has enough fabric drape to be a statement piece, but is made from certified organic cotton, and is thus essentially a giant hoodie that we can get away with wearing from bed, to work, to dinner, and to bed again, which is our really our ultimate goal.

5) The Forever Forever Dress in Red, $511AUD

This is the kind of fun, maximum fabulosity piece we get extremely excited about buying and wearing for that special occasion thing, but then think ‘when am I ever going to wear a fire engine-red, robe-cum-dress again’?, and devolve into a world of buyer’s guilt. When actually we needn’t, because when not wearing this for the special occasion thing, it turns into two separate things: a bright red robe which will spruce up literally the most boring outfit you could ever think of (we’re thinking of black t-shirt dresses, white jeans and blue t-shirts, and maybe just leggings when we can’t be bothered with any of it), and the go-to dress for all of those moments you want to be extremely comfortable and extremely impressive. 

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