NASA Is Hiring Someone To Protect Earth From Aliens

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 years ago | News

Image: National Geographic captures the planet Mars. Image source

Did you hear that NASA is hiring? And the job description is protecting planet Earth from aliens. Yes we are serious and no, this isn’t something out of Men in Black — although it totally could be. According to CBS, Cassie Conley is NASA's former planetary protection officer and her job description sounds pretty similar to Will Smith’s role in the movie.

"The job is defending Earth from aliens, but they're microbes, not space invaders," she explains in an interview. To which CBS naturally asks if bringing rocks back from Mars could lead to some sort of evil microbe destroying life on Earth. "Preventing that is the whole point of this job,” Conley responded. “Because we don't know”.

To set the scene a little, the reason for this interview in the first place was actually because Conley has decided to move on from the job of planetary protector after 11 years — wait, NASA has been protecting earth from aliens for the past 11 years? Anyway, apparently they now have an opening.

"You really have to have a sense of humor with this job," Conley continues. But just in case you think it actually is all a joke, she is quick to remind us: "there absolutely is life on Mars because there's life on the spacecraft that we've sent to Mars.” Cool, just going to quietly freak out about the impending alien invasion now.


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