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The NYT Has Provided An Excellent Reading List To Understand The Links Between Racism And The Environment

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 weeks ago | News

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Earlier this month, New York Times writer Somini Sengupta put together a reading list about climate change and social inequities. This comes, she writes, “amid a surge of protests over police violence against black Americans [and a] renewed scrutiny on the links between racism and environmental degradation in the United States.”

It includes a Washington Post article by marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, urging her white colleagues in the climate movement to challenge the racial inequality intertwined with the climate crisis. And an essay by Dany Sigwalt of Power Shift Network (an umbrella group of activist organizations), about mitigating climate change by enforcing government accountability to its citizens. 

It points to the Green Voices of Color Twitter list, curated by writer, Mary Annaïse Heglar, which is a good place to find writings by people of color. And also books on racism and environmental havoc like Sarah M. Broom’s memoir, The Yellow House. Among many others.

Diving into the full reading list over here.





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