New Zealand Bans Loads Of Single-Use Plastics, Will Remove 2 Billion Items From Circulation

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 months ago | News

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The New Zealand government has announced that loads of single-use plastic items will be phased out of New Zealand in three stages, between late 2022 and July 2025.

The items that are being banned include plastic cutlery, plates and bowls, drink stirrers, cotton buds, produce bags, straws and fruit labels.

Of the ban, Environment Minister David Parker said: “Phasing out unnecessary and problematic plastics will help reduce waste to landfill, improve our recycling system and encourage reusable or environmentally responsible alternatives.”

University of Auckland physical chemistry professor Duncan McGillivray welcomed the move. “It is becoming clear that as plastic waste naturally degrades it spreads through land, air and especially water, and is extremely difficult to remove or treat especially as it breaks down into the smallest pieces - micro- and nano-plastics.”

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