How Nagnata Is Revolutionising The Way We Move

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: new Nagnata, dropping soon on Well Made Clothes. 

Activewear is not usually considered a very sustainable category of clothing. This is because high performance gear generally requires the use of synthetic fibres, in order to add stretch and support. For this reason, sustainable activewear is incredibly hard to find. Enter Nagnata, the Sydney-based brand revolutionising the way we move through its innovative fabric development and construction.

Where other brands have failed to offer enough support and elasticity using cotton, Nagnata has found a way to knit organic cotton so that it works for high performance. And not just that, but the brand's progressive knitting machines actually minimise waste throughout the production process as well. “We approach each collection with thoughtful negotiations between sustainable manufacturing and premium directional design,” the brand explains. This means incorporating sustainable fibres like organic cotton, but also focussing on minimal material wastage and upcycling textiles wherever possible. 

Led by the Nagnata sisters Hannah and Laura May, this Sydney-based brand is always looking for new ways to innovate. “Nagnata recognises that sustainable practices surrounding design and business is a complex world of interconnected challenges,” they say. “But we are committed to making environmentally conscious choices and driving innovation in the industry.”

And they are doing so with pieces that look good and are good too. Evoking a vintage seventies aesthetic, Nagnata's bright colours and textural fabrics make movement cool again. As a world leader in the sustainable activewear space, their innovative knitting techniques are surpassed only by the interesting patterns that these produce – making a compelling case for movement with purpose.

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