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4 Natural Deodorants To Help You Through This Heatwave

by: Emmeline Peterson | 1 year ago | The Edit

Image: the four natural deodorants road-tested by our E-Commerce Manager, Emmeline Peterson.

As temperatures have soared across Australia these past few weeks, die hard natural skincare users like myself have been pushed to our limits, almost resigning to slapping on a supermarket deodorant to save ourselves (and others) from the pit stains that form after about 20 seconds outside. But while natural deodorants are unlikely to stop you sweating completely, this is actually a good thing. 

Antiperspirants – aka the big name deodorants you buy in supermarkets – contain aluminium, which plug your pores and stop you from sweating. When you consider that we sweat for a reason, this can be unhealthy and can irritate your skin. Natural deodorants, however, use ingredients that simply absorb odour (which is the worst part of sweating, in our opinion).

Personally, I have been using natural deodorant for years now, and have tried what seems like dozens of varieties to narrow down a few of the best here – so you don't have to. Your family/friends/work colleagues will thank me.

1) Earth's Purities Deodorant Paste

This deodorant was a hallelujah moment for me, after trying so many dodgy counterparts. When I bought it, it came in a tube made completely out of cardboard – which they have since updated to an equally eco-friendly box made out of post-consumer paper. Even the beeswax in it is from a local beekeeper that only uses excess wax from the hive, to ensure the colony is sustainable. Not only is this deodorant good for the earth, but it works; I even wore it to the gym those two times I went!

Use if: you're going zero waste in 2019

2) Pure Deo Co Detox Deodorant

If you're thinking about making the switch to natural deodorant, you might find that you initially have a slight reaction to them. After years of using antiperspirants, your skin builds up heavy metals and toxins, which can take a while to escape your body. A detox deodorant uses Bentonite Clay to draw out these toxins. You can use this Pure Deo Co as a normal deodorant, or before bed to detox your armpits for the next day. They also come in twin packs with their regular variations, so you'll have your pits covered day and night.

Use if: you're switching to natural deodorant or have sensitive skin

3) Woohoo Natural Deodorant

Woohoo is the sister company of Happy Skincare, a natural skincare company run by partners Aaron and Phoebe out of NSW. I've used their products for a while, so was excited to try Woohoo varieties 'Urban' and 'Wild'. Urban is their original, but it's their extra strength deodorant Wild that I found amazing (which says something about how sweaty I am). It smells great, and I forgot I was wearing it during one humid night, which rarely happens. It was also specially formulated to combat stress sweat, so keep it handy for meetings/dates/intense board games.

Use if: you're stuck in a cycle of getting stressed over BO, so sweating more

4) No Pong

No Pong was also created by a husband and wife duo, Chris and Melanie, presumably because couples can be honest with other when one of them has body odour. It's an incredibly effective natural deodorant, which I found not only prevents smell, but was also really good at keeping me relatively dry. So save this one for your tight fitting tops. As an added bonus, it is also smooth and easy to apply, unlike some deodorant pastes.

Use if: you need to avoid pit stains

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