Nude Produce Is The Way Of The Future

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 10 months ago | News

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Reports show that people are more likely to buy fruit and vegetables if they aren't wrapped in plastic. Which is great news, considering it is Plastic Free July right now. So why aren’t more local supermarkets embracing the nude produce trend, then, considering it is the way of the future?

Since New Zealand supermarket chain New World stopped wrapping fruit and veggies in plastic as part of its 'food in the nude' campaign, sales of some vegetables have increased by more than 300%. "When we first set up the new shelving our customers were blown away," Bishopdale New World supermarket owner Nigel Bond told the New Zealand Herald. "It reminded me of when I was a kid going to the fruiterer with my dad, you could smell the fresh citrus and spring onions. By wrapping products in plastic, we sanitise and deprive people of this experience; [dispensing with plastic] was a huge driver for us."

"After we introduced the concept we noticed sales of spring onions, for example, had increased by 300%," Bond added. "There may have been other factors at play but we noticed similar increases in other vegetable varieties like silverbeet and radishes." Bond goes on to say that the plastic ban has generated more positive feedback than any other change made during his 30-year career in the supermarket industry.

New World supermarkets are leading the way by replacing plastic packaging with refrigerated shelving that has a built-in vegetable mister. And this is a system that keeps vegetables far fresher than polluting plastic packaging. "Vegetables are 90% water and studies have shown that misted produce not only looks better, retains its colour and texture, but also has higher vitamin content," Bond explained.

Most New Zealand supermarkets have stopped providing customers with single-use plastic bags now. And the government also just introduced a mandatory phase out of single-use plastic bags for all retailers as of July 1st. So when will Australia follow suit then? Here, our produce aisles are unfortunately still full of single-use plastic. And it seems like Plastic Free July might just be the perfect time to start implement nude produce locally.

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