This Style Study Is Designed To Help You Shop More Responsibly

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 4 months ago | News

We sell clothes with ethical values, so we believe first and foremost in using your purchasing power for good. Sometimes there is a lot of confusion about just what this means, though. And, in a culture of information overload, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to consuming responsibly. Which is why our Fashion Editor, Rosie Dalton, has developed a toolkit for conscious consumption. 

Published by Rosie's content studio On the Collar, the Style Study is a 32-page workbook filled with personal essays, poetry and portraits. Most importantly, though, it features more than eighty prompts that are specifically designed to help you identify patterns in your wardrobe and to build a personal uniform that reflects your own values and lifestyle. 

"People are often asking me how to consume more responsibly," Rosie explains. "And, although I write about this topic a lot, the answer is ultimately a personal one. So that’s why I created the Style Study; to help people tap into what ethical fashion means to them personally."

Printed in Sydney on recycled paper stock, each Style Study is bound with a solid sterling silver sleeper, which is made in Australia. The handbook is designed to be personalised and built upon – so this is the purpose of your hinged sleeper, inviting you to add extra pages with a hole punched at 148mm.

Throughout the Style Study, Rosie shares some of the talismans she wears every day and the items that make up her personal uniform. Sparked as a reaction to the trend-based culture that we now live in, the OTC Style Study advocates for a return to a slower pace and more intentional dressing.

It asks you to look at your garment care labels and describe where things are made, but it also asks you to think about how your own favourite garments make you feel. This is all in the hopes of making fashion personal again. Because, when it comes down to it, ethical fashion is personal fashion. 

We're building our capsule wardrobes with:

A fairly made certified organic cotton dress, for when we want to look polished with minimum effort (every day):

A locally made work to after work top: 

A pair of jeans by Levi's Project FLX. Levi's Project FLX is a revolutionary step forward for denim production. Find out why, here.

A pair of fairly made, low-impact white sneakers:

A pair of locally handcrafted earrings:

You can read more about the Style Study via On the Collar, or purchase your copy here.

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