Off Carte Shares A Green Smoothie Recipe

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 10 months ago | Features

Off Carte specialises in simple but delicious recipes – just the way we like them. A recipe exchange community founded by Joel Mevissen of Westmont Pickles and our very own Rosie DaltonOff Carte shares easy DIY recipes from chefs, designers and everyone in between. Including a special weekly recipe, just for us.

This week it's their go-to Green Smoothie recipe. For when you need to get your greens in, but you're a little short on time.

Here's how. 


1. Add some washed green leaves to your blender (we like spinach best)

2. Toss in some cashew nuts, chia seeds, and cinnamon

3. Add a whole avocado and some maple syrup for sweetness

4. If you like, you can add some Vital Greens or protein powder

5. Top with a glass of filtered water and some ice

6. Blend and enjoy!

For more cooking inspiration, join the Off Carte Recipe Exchange

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