Off Carte Shares A Recipe For Veggie-Filled Okonomiyaki

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 months ago | Features

We're always on the hunt for veggie-filled dishes that feel healthy but taste delicious. Enter @off___carte.

Off Carte is the recipe exchange community founded by Joel Mevissen of Westmont Pickles and our very own Rosie Dalton. On Instagram, Off Carte shares easy DIY recipes from chefs, designers and everyone in between. Including a special weekly recipe, just for us.

This week it's Okonomiyaki – like a veggie-filled Japanese pancake or pizza that you can add just about any veg to – think sweet potato, pumpkin, leek, corn, or mushrooms. As well as any form of protein and toppings like kimchi, pickled ginger or daikon.

It might seem like a lot of finicky ingredients at first, but you can decide how complicated you want to go. And, once you have picked up the basics from a good Asian grocer, this dish literally costs less than $5 – and is so fast to make.

It’s the perfect mid-week meal. Here’s how to do it.


1. Make batter
1 cup flour
One sachet dashi powder
1/4 cup tempura scraps
Teaspoon sugar
Teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1 cup water

2. Refrigerate for 1 hour

3. Shred cabbage, carrot, and shallots

4. Mix
In separate bowl pour out 1/3 of wet mixture. Slowly add veggies, mixing thoroughly as you add. The cabbage releases a lot of juice so it will seem dry but keep mixing and it will moisten. You don’t need a lot of veggies.

5. Fry
In a large pan, heat any high temp oil. Pour mixture in – about a hot cake size worth. Pat down to make round and pretty.
Fry until golden brown, then flip. Before flipping you can add thinly sliced protein to the raw side of the Okonomiyaki, which isn’t necessary but just adds more substance to the dish

6. Top
Once cooked, place on chopping board and cut into as many segments as you like. Then use a spatula to transfer to dish
Squeeze over Okonomiyaki brown sauce and Kewpie mayo and dust with nori powder, chopped shallots, sesame seeds and/ or bonito flakes

For more cooking inspiration, join the Off Carte Recipe Exchange

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