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Off Carte Shares A Recipe For Potato Galette

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 months ago | Features

Off Carte
 is the recipe exchange community that was founded by Joel Mevissen of Westmont Pickles and our very own Rosie Dalton. And between navigating the overwhelm of 2020 and spending more time at home, this Instagram has been seeing us through.

Each week, Off Carte shares easy DIY recipes from chefs, designers and everyone in between. Including a very special weekly recipe that they have been sharing especially for us at Well Made Clothes.

This week, they are sharing their tips for making potato galette – an easy weeknight meal that spells winter comfort food, or an elegant side dish to impress your dinner guests (virtual or otherwise). 

Here’s how.


1. Finely slice a few potatoes and rinse under cold water, then pat dry
2. While drying, roast some foil-wrapped garlic in the oven at 180 C
3. Sauté an onion in some butter until a little caramelised
4. Whisk together a healthy dose of butter and the roasted garlic with some cornstarch, S&P
5. Toss the potatoes in garlic mix until coated
6. Grease the bottom of a baking dish or cast iron pan. Then arrange potatoes in a layer, working from the centre out
7. Top with the caramelised onion and a little parmesan cheese
8. Repeat with more layers of potatoes until you’ve used up all the spuds
9. Heat the skillet on medium high heat, to crisp the bottom, then bake in the oven for 30 mins or until crispy
10. Serve with your favourite herbs and a side of mayo or sour cream

For more cooking inspiration, join the Off Carte Recipe Exchange

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