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Off Carte Shares Tips For Baking Sourdough Biscuits

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 months ago | Features

We've still been spending more time at home lately than we were pre-isolation. And one of the few things getting us through is this idea of cooking as a form of self-care. Balancing instruction with meditation, great new recipes are just the thing we need right now.

Enter Off Carte – a recipe exchange community founded by Joel Mevissen of Westmont Pickles and our very own Rosie Dalton.

On Instagram, Off Carte shares recipes from chefs, designers and everyone in between. They have also been sharing recipes especially for Well Made Clothes. And this week, they are sharing their tips for baking sourdough biscuits (which are almost like scones, but not as sweet).

Here’s how.



You’ll need:

1 cup sourdough starter
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup butter plus a lil extra melted butter for brushing


1. Preheat oven to 220c and make sure your sourdough starter has been fed in the last 12 hours so it’s ripe and ready

2. Mix flour, powder and salt together. Dice butter into 2cm cubes and chuck them in with the flour. Then start to squeeze the butter cubes with your thumb and forefinger between the flour mix. Keep squeezing until you have a bowl full of crumbs, discs and butter mush. These butter crumbles will add to the beautiful layers of the biscuit so if there are some big and some small bits, that’s great. Perfection is overrated

3. Pour in sourdough mix and fork it all together until combined. Then shape into a rectangle about 3-5 cm thick and start to fold the rectangle in three, then pat back down to 3-5cm thick. Do this 3-4 times. It should feel nice and airy atm

4. Line a cast iron pan or oven tray with baking paper and cut round beauties out of the rectangle with a small glass. We like to do cute lil ones, but you do you. Simply press the glass down and give it a small twist at the end to cut loose. Cut as many biscuits as you can get. Once it gets tricky, just mould the dough back into a rectangle and fold it a few more times

5. Line up your biscuits on you cast iron or oven tray and brush with melted butter. Finally, sprinkle tops with salt and chuck em in

6. Bake biscuits until they look sexy and golden (or until a thermometer reads 96c)

7. Enjoy!

For more cooking inspiration, join the 
Off Carte Recipe Exchange

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