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A Truffle Cacio e Pepe Recipe From Off Carte

by: Rosie Dalton | 4 months ago | Features

The weather is properly cold now, which means we’re staying inside even more than we have been (and that’s saying something). One benefit of this time of year, though, is that it’s truffle season. So we can entertain at home and still feel fancy!

Enter Off Carte, the recipe exchange community founded by Joel Mevissen of Westmont Pickles and our very own Rosie Dalton. On Instagram, Off Carte shares easy DIY recipes from chefs, designers and everyone in between.

This week, Off Carte shares their tips for making cacio e pepe pasta with a fancy twist. If you are hunting for tasty truffles right now, you can buy them online from select suppliers, or from Two Providores. Alternatively, you can cheat with truffle-infused oil.

Here’s how to make your cacio e pepe, truffle style.



1. Follow our recipe for homemade pasta dough and cut into spaghetti

2. Boil pasta water and reserve a little for later

3. Warm some butter in a pan and sauté a generous helping of pepper

4. Add a dash of cream and some freshly shaved truffle. Simmer for two mins

5. Drain al dente pasta and add to truffle mixture

6. Toss until saucy, adding a little pasta water for silkiness

7. Top with lashings of pecorino, some extra truffle and pepper



For more cooking inspiration, join the Off Carte Recipe Exchange


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