Bored At Home? Organise Your Winter Wardrobe

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 week ago | Features

Image: Winona Ryder for Rolling Stone. Image source.

Social distancing is necessary at the moment, for helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But if you, like us, are experiencing moments of boredom at home right now, then this might just be the perfect time to organise your winter wardrobe.

Few things feel quite so therapeutic as a spring clean (or, in this case, an autumn clean). And with conscious consumption in mind, it is a great excuse to lay the foundations for your winter capsule wardrobe – and to donate any pieces that you don’t wear to those in need.  

If you’re feeling stuck, this toolkit is helpful for a wardrobe cleanse and for working out what your personal uniform looks like. And below, we’re rounding up five fundamentals of our own winter capsule wardrobes (with ethical values, obvs).

1) The cosy knit, for swaddling all of our cares

Image: the Henri Roll Neck Sweater by Kowtow.

This organic cotton rib knit is effortlessly oversized and is sustainably made in a fair and transparent supply chain.

2) The 501 jeans, for channelling nostalgic nineties vibes

Image: the 501 Jeans by Levi’s.

We’re reminiscing over brighter times and channelling Winona Ryder in the nineties with these dreamy jeans, made in a minimal waste supply chain.

3) The statement earrings, for pretending we’ve got somewhere fab to go

Image: the Drift Earrings by Linda Tahija.

Inspired by nature, these oceanic earrings are handcrafted in a transparent supply chain and make us feel ‘dressed’ (even if we don’t plan on leaving bed). 

4) The sustainable sneaker, for (safe) walks in nature

Image: the Nova Canvas Sneakers by Veja.

In times of social distancing, it is critical that we spend a little time (safely) in nature. Which is why we’re turning to these organic cotton sneakers, which are made in a fair and transparent supply chain. 

5) The turtleneck, for looking polished when we really can’t be bothered

Image: The Merino Rib Funnel Neck Skivvy by Arnsdorf.

There is nothing quite like a turtleneck to make us feel polished and ready to face the day. So we are thankful for this fairly-made Merino wool skivvy, which is locally-made in Melbourne.


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