Our Brands On Creating Clothes With Ethical Values

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | Features

Image: inside Elk's Transparent supply chain. 

Fashion Revolution Week is all about clothes with ethical values and, coincidentally, so are we. So considering it is Fashion Revolution Week right now, we are rehashing our Well Made Clothes Values system, in the words of our brands themselves. Here Arnsdorf, Patagonia and more tell us about how and why they make clothes with ethical values.

Patagonia’s VP of Environmental Initiatives, Rick Ridgeway on Minimal Waste fashion:
“It’s important to Repair, Resell, and Recycle — but the fourth ‘R’ of this partnership with our customers is to Reduce. All these things together help to reduce your impact, but the real message from us to our customers is this idea of not buying [something] if you don’t really need it. Perhaps the most important decision of all is whether or not to buy something in the first place.”

Good Studios founder Anny Duff On Sustainable Fashion:
“Hemp has a huge role to play in the future of sustainable fashion. It is able to grow in almost any climate with very little water and no pesticides. So, as legislation changes to make it more accessible, I think we will see a huge leap in popularity; purely because it is so easy to cultivate. And once you own anything made from hemp, everything else just feels a little sub-par.” 

Veja on fashion that's made in a Transparent supply chain:
“Working directly with ADEC [an association of growers in Tauá, Brazil] has allowed Veja to establish a seamless, human-based business model that avoids middlemen and makes sure that reasonable profits go directly to the producers themselves.”

Designer Holly Ryan on Handcrafted fashion:
“My jewellery is handmade-to-order in Australia by my team and myself. Most often I just pick up my tools and start creating. I use a mixture of traditional jewellery making processes as well as lost-wax casting, which means there is variety in the way I approach creating.”

Arnsdorf founder Jade Sarita Arnott on Gender Equal fashion:
“Personally I cannot operate in an industry that operates at the expense of the rights and lives of others. We have created an amazing little community at the factory. It’s a pleasant place to work and everyone is respected and valued in the role they play in the production of the collection. You’ll notice that on our website we provide full transparency around [the name of each individual working on the garment and source of the materials used]. In addition to this Arnsdorf has committed to donating 2% of our revenue to actively fund women in the developing world to gain new skills and empower them to start their own businesses. Throughout this year we have made a big impact on women’s lives throughout developing countries.”

Kowtow founder Gosia Piatek on Fair fashion:
"We consider fairness across all sectors of our business. From ensuring everyone is being supported in their work and treated with respect. And this isn’t just in our production chain, but also applies to the way we work and communicate with our staff and customers."

Sans Beast founder Cathryn Wills on Vegan fashion:
“I changed my diet 3 years ago to one of vegetarianism and, about 9 months ago, moved into a primarily plant based diet. Environmental degradation caused by mass agriculture, combined with grave concerns for animal welfare are my two major reasons behind creating a vegan brand.”

Designer Jillian Boustred on Locally made fashion:
“For me, responsible production processes is all about being in touch with all my outsourced resources and overseeing the whole process from start to finish. My pieces are all made locally and I have a really good relationship with everyone I work with – from the fabric suppliers, to pattern makers and seamstresses. I have a lot of respect for them and I think this is what makes the production process responsible.”


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