There's Ethical Fashion Style For Days On These Excellent Instagram Accounts

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 years ago | News

Image: Greta Egan from Fashion Me Green. Image source.

One of the only problems with ethical fashion is that it’s still in the process of shaking off its musty, granola-style image — one that’s all hemp sacks and the hemp lattes to match. It’s for this reason that we always feel super inspired when we come across an excellent Instagram account full of beautiful styling inspiration that also happens to be ethical. Whether it’s the personal accounts of celebrities, designers, models or activists, these are some of the Instagram feeds that make us feel genuinely inspired and help to inform our ethical wardrobes on a daily basis. You’re welcome.

1) Jennifer Nini

Image source.

Jennifer Nini is the face behind @ecowarriorprincess, an Australian platform that’s based on her personal experience of travelling to China with a dream of starting a fashion label. According to Nini, it was “the sadness of the people's eyes as they worked, the robotic nature of the environment, the female toilet with no working light, [and] the blatant lack of quality assurance,” that first inspired her to make a change. “I did not want to be a part of a shallow and superficial industry that made huge profits by selling customers on cool, trendy, beautiful lifestyles, without showing them the rest of it; the truth of it.” Her account is thus flooded with responsible, beautiful fashion alternatives. 

2) Greta Egan

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Greta Egan runs a blog called Fashion Me Green and it’s incredibly easy to get lost in her personal Instagram account, where she posts beautiful travel pictures of all the incredible scenery that she encounters, alongside her eco fashion outfit posts. Based in the US, Greta dedicated her dissertation to sustainability in fashion and then later published a book called Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe. She is not over-the-top preachy about her ethical fashion consumption habits, but always finds a way to make it look effortlessly cool.

3) Emma Watson

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I mean duh. Emma Watson is often our go-to when it comes to ethical fashion style inspiration, because as an avid supporter of sustainability and also someone that’s required on red carpets a lot of the time; so she definitely knows what’s good. To make things even easier though, Watson’s newly launched (and already insanely popular) Instagram account @the_press_tour documents all of her public looks, which means that it’s full to the brim of excellent ethical fashion outfits. Get involved. 

4) Laura Wells 

Image source.

Laura Wells is a model, biologist and environmental activist who recently spoke as part of Clean Cut’s Future Talks conference at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Through her environmental work, Wells has also become aware of the negative effects our fashion choices can have on the planet and, in particular, our oceans. Which is why she has recently collaborated on a sustainable swimwear line and chose to wear repaired shoes, a borrowed top and repurposed jacket for the talk at Fashion Week. Here she is, pictured with another inspiring ethical fashion supporter, Miss Clare Press

5) Stella McCartney

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Apart from featuring the style choices of some of our favourite celebrities (Stella included), designer Stella McCartney’s Instagram is also somewhat educational; providing pearls of wisdom about how we can individually make the planet a better place through our fashion habits. Take the Clever Care series, for example, which proves that “just extending the average life of your clothes by 3 months can lead to a 5-10% reduction in each of the carbon, water and waste footprints.” Responsible, fashionable and full of wisdom.

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