Oil Spill Affected Penguins Need Rehabilitation Jumpers

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 4 months ago | News

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You might have heard that Penguins in Australia’s Phillip Island have been rocking cute-as-hell jumpers of late, but these knitted pieces are actually a necessity, rather than a sweet fashion statement. "The last oil spill happened here in 2001 and it affected 438 little penguins," says Penguin Foundation Officer Lauren Barker.

This is because penguins exposed to oil will attempt to preen and clean the oil off their feathers, ingesting the fatal substance in the process. Enter the rehabilitation jumpers, which are placed on the little guys by experts at the Phillip Island Wildlife Clinic. The penguins only wear the jumpers temporarily, until they can be properly cleaned at the clinic.

In that 2001 spill, 96% of the affected penguins were successfully released, Barker says. “And penguin rehabilitation jumpers played quite a big part in that." So now the clinic is calling for more knitted jumpers, just in case of another spill.

“The Phillip Island Nature Park has recently added a further 6.7 hectares of little penguin habitat that could house a further 1,400 penguins,” explains Phillip Island Nature Parks Wildlife Rehabilitation Officer Jodi Bellett. “So we’re asking knitters to match that number with rehabilitation jumpers in case another oil spill occurs”.

Fingers crossed that there won’t be another spill any time soon, but with the current state of the planet, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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