Par Femme’s Founder Monica Nakata Discusses The Process Behind Their Locally-Made Leisurewear

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 month ago | Features

Image: Monica Nakata.

Local label Par Femme is a multi-disciplinary space dedicated to exploring sexuality. They sell a curated selection of sex toys (including their own) and leisurewear. We are now hosting a small part of the Par Femme world, in the form of their leisurewear, which is locally-made in Australia, and which we’re (very) excited about.

Here, Par Femme’s founder Monica Nakata discusses the process behind the label’s locally-made leisurewear, how 2020 has affected her business, and why she thinks it’s important to support Australian made fashion. 

WMC: How did Par Femme begin and what is the philosophy behind the brand?
Monica Nakata: Par Femme began as an Instagram account focussing on eroticism curated through a female gaze. As the community grew, the idea evolved to encompass my love of publishing alongside a retail concept, aiming to help women traverse the boundaries of fashion, beauty, sex and wellbeing. Par Femme always aims to encourage women to explore their own unique sexuality – in a safe and informed environment.

Can you run us through the journey of your pieces, from concept to creation?
We believe that intimate and cotton apparel should be comfortable, transseasonal and democratic – for all women, and wearable at home, on the street, or in bed.

For the collection that is available on Well Made Clothes, we worked with an Australian bespoke knitting mill that supplies the fabric knitted, dyed and finished. We also work with a local pattern maker, cutter and manufacturer.

We design subtle shapes that create flattering lines, mindful of the comfort and versatility factor. Our apparel is designed to be part of an affordable staple wardrobe that maintains longevity and has multiple uses.

2020 has been a pretty unprecedented year. How are you navigating this as a business?
Amongst all the societal and personal uncertainty of general COVID-concerns, the conditions have presented unique opportunities to Par Femme. Although procurement and supply chains have been disrupted, there’s been increased interest in the sexual wellness space due to a variety of factors – ranging from the disruption of workspaces and employment conditions, to the changed dynamics of the dating scene. Editorially, it’s allowed us to further explore the notion of the self, and self-care from a physical and emotional viewpoint.

Do you feel that this time has prompted you to focus on your core business values even more so than ever?
Definitely, there’s never been a more crucial time for women of all ages to reassess how they spend time with themselves, or how they could ideally reboot their intimate lives during such major upheavals. In many ways, the core values that have driven us from the beginning have been brought into focus in a profound way, and we have been privileged to be positioned to meet the challenge.

And what are your hopes for the future of ethical fashion?
Our hope is that the term ‘ethical fashion’ will just become ‘fashion’ – with a thoughtful and ethical approach becoming the new normal. We hope that we can help to contribute to a thriving industry here in Australia and keep important handcrafting knowledge in our own backyard. It’s a journey we are excited to be part of.

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