Patagonia Australia Is Urging You Take Action With Its New Campaign

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It is often assumed that we now live in an era of democracy, where freedom of speech reigns supreme. But socially conscious activewear brand Patagonia is urging us all to pay closer attention, as Australia’s State Governments seek to undermine our right to peaceful protest. Urging people to take action and sign the petition to repeal these laws, Patagonia points out that “UN Special Rapporteurs have described this legislation as a breach in international law.”

If NSW farmers seek to protect scarce water resources from pollution by coal seam gas companies, for example, they will now face fines of up to $5,500 and jail for up to 7 years for protesting peacefully on site. Meanwhile individuals in Tasmania will also face fines of up to $10,000 or 4 years in prison for peacefully protesting the clearance of ancient forests, home to hundred-year-old trees and many endangered species.

As the forces of global warming and modern industry increasingly threaten the Great Barrier Reef and other emblems of our natural heritage, it is now illegal to fight for the protection of said natural heritage in these states. Heritage that Patagonia says includes our ancient growth forests, wild coastline, red deserts, temperate rainforests, and Great Barrier Reef.

“We are forced to ask who is the beneficiary of this legislation?” the company asks. “Does it serve our citizens and communities or privilege a few wealthy individuals and multinational corporations – those who have the power to advance their vested interests and have them written into law without appropriate public oversight? We have entered an era where elected officials who restrict our rights as citizens no longer represent the needs of civil society. These politicians have lost the ability to make decisions for the common good. They have forgotten that they represent citizens and communities and that they are stewards of our shared environment.”

As a company that’s passionate about taking action and preserving the environment — one that has also built its business upon this very foundation — Patagonia Australia says it unequivocally opposes legislation restricting the freedom of expression and assembly that are the birthright of free citizens. As socially motivated human beings, we too should be vehemently opposed to governmental shifts such as these. “Patagonia Australia is a for-profit corporation, but we are also a mission-driven enterprise working to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis,” the company explains. “We call on our fellow citizens to join us and insist on the right to peaceful protest.”

As our freedoms come under attack by politicians, it is critical for us to push back by sending a letter to Premier Hodgman in Tasmania and Premier Berejiklian in New South Wales. Our right to peaceful protest relies on the ability to have these laws repealed — and stat. So to take action personally, you can sign the pledge over here.

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