Phoebe English's New Sustainability Collective Runs On WhatsApp

by: Rosie Dalton | 8 months ago | News

Image: designer Phoebe English. Image source.

London Fashion Week is just about to wrap up and it has shed light on a number of British designers who are making positive strides in the sustainability space. Among them is British designer Phoebe English, who recently began a new sustainability collective called Fashion on Earth.

On June 4th this year, English invited her peers over to her studio with the mission to share knowledge that she has accumulated about cleaning up the supply chain. This included information about replacements for nonrecyclable hangers, for example, take-back schemes for plastic packaging, and other recycling initiatives.

More recently, this IRL show-and-tell has evolved into an information-exchanging WhatsApp group, dubbed Fashion on Earth. “We are lucky to be living and working in London where so many incredible designers are striving for better environmental practice in what they are doing,” English says via Instagram. “Some of these people came to the studio to share some ideas and solutions with us and we realised we needed to be better connected.”

While she recognised a growing appetite for working in this way, though, English told Vogue that there was just “no cross-communication.” So, she says, “We made a WhatsApp group so that small studios could be connected to bigger studios and sustainable designers could be connected to designers just starting out in this. To share our contacts, offer solutions and cross check ideas. We are in a time of emergency and when you are living in an emergency you alter your behaviour and you stand together.”

Others involved in the Fashion on Earth group include Charles Jeffrey, Bethany Williams, Per Götteson, Rob Jones and Cat Teatum of Teatum Jones, Dilara Findikoglu, Patrick McDowell, Sadie Williams, Graeme Raeburn and his brother Christopher. Together, these designers are breaking down the secretive corners of a traditionally opaque industry and bringing positive change to the fore – via technology.

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