This Photo Series Documents Wide Open Spaces, Makes Us Want To Escape Into Nature

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 years ago | News

Image: photography by Brian Merriam. Image source.

As the Australian Government dumps its Clean Energy Target, we can’t help but feel the desire to escape into nature. And this latest photo series by artist Brian Merriam only solidifies that feeling. Presented by Another Magazine in collaboration with LA-based art collective Tappan, Merriam’s series documents wide-open spaces and forgotten corners of America. Themes like discovery and self-reflection permeate throughout his evocative photographs and the striking images have us doing some reflecting of our own – particularly about the fragile state of our natural environment right now.

“I think a lot of what I try to do with the perspective in my work is disorienting in a way, but it’s un-purposed to create this disorientation. It’s sort of an outward manifestation of an inward feeling; an attempt to see in a landscape what you feel in yourself,” explains Merriam of his inspiration behind the series. Honing in on the misty terrain of the Alaskan mountains, Merriam says he was going through a tumultuous personal time when he captured these photographs.

Having just found out that his father had taken his own life, Merriam says “it was therapeutic in a way to feel that insignificant, standing on a glacier operating on a completely different time scale to human life.” He describes the sensation of being dwarfed by something so large and powerful that it puts your own experiences into perspective and, in a way, allows one to hit ‘reset’. The Alaskaseries will reportedly become part of a larger series that Merriam is currently working on. And, as we attempt to come to terms with lack of governmental action on climate change right now, we find it sort of comforting to be reminded about the enduring power of Mother Nature.

Image: photography by Brian Merriam. Image source.

Via Another Magazine



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