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We’re Listening To This Podcast About The History Of Patagonia And The North Face

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 months ago | News

Image: Patagonia’s iconic Black Friday advertisement. Image source


Patagonia and The North Face are two of the biggest names in outdoor clothing. As members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, both brands are also committed to helping fight the good fight against climate change. Which stems from their respective founders’ roots as nature-loving mountaineers. Or, in their own words, as ‘dirtbags’ (read: climber slang for adventurers devoted to scaling mountains). So naturally, we're always keen to learn a little more about their fascinating dual histories. 

Enter the Dirtbags podcast series by Business Wars, which tracks the rise of Patagonia and The North Face. In the first of this seven episode series, the podcast takes us right back to the early beginnings of both businesses. “It’s the 1960s, and two climbing buddies are about to lay the foundations for a new industry,” writes Business Wars. “Neither dreams of riches. They just want enough money to keep climbing.”

Little does either of them know at the time the impact that they are about to have on the fashion industry and the face of climate action worldwide. But those early signs are already beginning to emerge. “The trip to Patagonia has opened [Chouinard's] eyes to how the natural world he loves is being degraded,” Business Wars recounts of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s early impetus for founding his now-iconic brand. “From now on, he vows, he will live his life in the least environmentally harmful way possible.”

So if you’re looking for a little weekend listening this long weekend and want to know more about how it all began, we highly recommend Business Wars’ The North Face vs Patagonia ‘Dirtbags’ series, to find out more about the dual histories of both brands – and how they came to be committed to environmental responsibility.

You can listen via Apple or wherever you stream your podcasts.



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