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Post Sole Studio On Our Vegan Footwear Collab

by: Rosie Dalton | 7 months ago | Features

Image: Breeze working in the Post Sole Studio factory.

This week, we're sitting down with Post Sole Studio designers Myra Spencer and Breeze Powell, to discuss the new WMC x PSS vegan footwear collaboration.   

WMC: How did this collab come about?
P.S.S: It came about fairly organically through a chat we had with Courtney when she popped in to see us a few months ago. We had a small amount of some vegan micro suede we were keen to use in our new collection. We love being a part of the WMC community and wanted to offer customers something a little bit special, which aligned with some of the core values of both businesses. 

What is so special about these particular footwear styles?
These two sandals are a new development for us – we are using a new shape and heel height and it’s the first time we’ve moved away from our leather sole to a very lightweight (black) resin sole. We have always offered all our P.S.S shoes in a vegan option but this has only ever been available in black, so this is the first time we are offering an exclusively vegan shoe in a range of colours not replicable in leather!

Image: Rosie, our fashion editor, just posing in the park (as you do) in the Criss Cross Vegan Sandals, and the Jones Dress.

Which materials did you use and why?
We used a resin sole because it is lightweight, flexible and delicate. The heels, like many of our heels, are handmade here in Melbourne. We work with one supplier (one man really) each season to develop most of our heels, as this means we can order small quantities and create many shapes. We love this low flared heel – reminiscent of the early noughties. We have also used a vegan micro suede, which is thin enough to cover the insole but also strong enough to hold itself up and be supportive. Also, the colours are amazing!

Can you run us through how these shoes are made?
It is a very involved process! I don’t think people realise how many steps go into creating each and every component before it can be ‘assembled’ as a shoe, but aside from development and pattern making there is cutting, stitching, insole making, sole making, upper preparation, lasting, roughing, soling, finishing and boxing… 

Image: Rosie, our fashion editor, standing in front of a large tree (that dappled light) in the Double Up Vegan Sandals and the Sylvie Shirt.

Why do you think it’s so important to support vegan fashion, particularly footwear?
We think it is important to give people choice and we are in a position to do that.

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