Rachel Rutt On How Mending Is Meaningful

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 11 months ago | Features

Image: Rachel Rutt in a pair of jeans which she's repaired the hole in the knee via weaving.

Rachel Rutt is one of those annoyingly talented polymaths: she's a prolific model (if you haven't seen her face you've been hiding under a rock or living on a planet where fashion doesn't exist); a musician: she's one-half of Heart People; and a weaver: she's exhibited her pieces in galleries (they really are pieces of art) and has collaborated with international label TOME for pieces for one of their New York Fashion Week presentations.

We chose Rachel to be the face of our upcycled collaboration with Nobody Denim, Repurposed, because, like us, Rachel believes that clothing is best when it's been worn, torn, and mended, imbued with all the memories of those moments. Rachel is a prolific mender herself, and, because of her weaving skills, her mending is something to be seen, which is why we asked her to take photos of her favourite pieces of mending, and explain their meaning! Check them out below, and shop Repurposed here.

Image: "A torn and dated jacket can be renewed with anything from a little love, paint, embroidery, or even magic marker drawing, technical skill aside — get childish!"

Image: "Contrast thread on a moth hole can brighten up an older piece and be a sweet little reminder of the care you took—sometimes looking like an intentional detail a la Comme des Garçons."

Image: "Matching the patch to the mend is especially gratifying when you want to keep your favourite jeans in your everyday cycle and not like they’re worn by The Mamas and the Papas!"

Image: "I’ve used my sewing machine on this jacket more often than hand-stitching—in this case it has made the effect of fine scratches, which are lovely in the contrast thread, but still subtle."

Image: "Visible mending like this woven-in patch using a thicker thread or yarn with just a needle creates texture without adding extra thickness!"

In case you're on the upcycled buzz and only wanna wear handcrafted, sustainable pieces from now on, here are the 6 pieces from our Repurposed collection:

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