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Responsible Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank This Xmas

by: Rosie Dalton | 4 years ago | The Edit

Image: Brigitte Bardot dresses the Christmas tree. Image source.

Can you believe it is almost that time of year again? We are still trying to get over the fact that winter has come and gone again, let alone wrapping our heads around Christmas shopping. But one thing is for sure: we’re not going to let it catch us unprepared this year. So in a bid to slow the Christmas clock then — and to get organised ahead of time for once — we’re starting to scout for the best and most responsible Chrissy gifts for all those special people in our lives.

Traditionally, the festive season can be a time of exorbitant spending and wastefulness. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We've been waxing lyrically about how to rethink Christmas more sustainably this year, which includes purchasing fewer, more thoughtful and ethical gifts. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best gifts under $100 that look good and are good too. Because Christmas should be about giving not just to your friends and family, but also to the world around you.

1) For your BFF

Image: the Tide Ring in Sterling Silver.

Remember those friendship rings that you used to make in the playground? Or the heart-shaped necklaces cut in two? We like to think of Momoko Hatano’s Tide Ring as a grown up version of classic friendship jewellery. Why? Because what’s better at Christmas time than the old ‘one for you, one for me’ shopping mentality? Let’s face it, you and your bestie both worked hard this year and you’ve been through a lot together. So go ahead and treat yourselves.

2) For your sister

Image: the Hand Towel in Iris Stripe.

OK so your sister has just renovated and you have absolutely no idea what to get her. If she takes pride in her home, then Loom’s Hand Towel in Iris Stripe offers the perfect Christmas gift. A design feature to accentuate any bathroom, this piece is also handmade sustainably and ethically in a small Turkish community. The softness, the colours and the backstory all make for a winning Christmas stocking idea.

3) For your mum

Image: the Luxury Scented Candle in Gardenia Veitchii.

Mums are always there for us no matter what. But they can also be ridiculously difficult to buy gifts for — not least of all because they are actual adults that tend to have their shit together. Which often means they already have most of the things they need. So why not treat them to the small indulgences instead, like a luxury scented candle for example? Gascoigne and King’s Gardenia Veitchii is classic and elegant scent, so you can’t go wrong.

4) For your girlfriend

Image: the Odd Ball Studs in Maroon Jasper.

If there are any partners reading out there, then nothing spells true love quite like a beautiful pair of maroon jasper earrings. In fact By Nye designer Nye De Marchi explains that jasper is thought to bring grounding energy into your life. That seems to bode well from a relationship perspective, don’t you think? Handmade with sterling silver, we especially love how each pair is just a little bit different from the next. Because what could be more personal than that?

5) For your work pals

Image: the Luxury Travel Candle in Figue.

If you’re lucky, like us, to work with some badass babes that you also count as friends, then Christmas is the perfect time for small gestures that let them know how grateful you are. You know, for that coffee they spotted you the other week, or just generally having you back in and around the workplace. Great colleagues are a rare gift, so what better way to say thanks than with a beautiful travel candle? 

Looking for more ways to have an ethical Christmas this year? Check out our practical guide on how to handle the holidays in a more sustainable way

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