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Rihanna’s Sportswear Collab Is Being Ripped Off By Everyone From Her Uncle To Forever 21

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | News

Image: Rihanna for Fenty x Puma. Image source

When you think of counterfeit fashion, you probably think of distinctive luxury handbags by the likes of Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but German sportswear brand Puma is actually the latest victim of this widespread phenomenon. And it’s as a result of the brand’s collaboration with superstar Rihanna, no less. In fact, since Puma tapped the songstress to help design a collection of sportswear-inspired garments and accessories back in 2014, the brand has enjoyed numerous sell-out collections. “Rihanna’s relationship with us makes the brand hot again with young consumers,” says Chief Executive Bjorn Gulden.

But with a sell-out often also comes a knock off – and so the market has been flooded with Fenty x Puma counterfeits over recent years as well. For one thing, Puma has recently been facing off against Los Angeles-based fast fashion giant Forever 21, which the sportswear company alleges sold line-for-line copies of three of Rihanna’s most prominent footwear designs for the brand. Puma officially filed against Forever 21 back in April – citing copyright, trade dress and design patent infringement – and the two have been battling it out through court filings ever since.

But Forever 21 isn’t the only one in hot water over ripping the singer’s sportswear collaboration. In fact, RiRi herself tipped Puma off earlier this year about the sale of counterfeit goods in Barbados. That tip led to the bust of a counterfeit operation and the arrest of two men – one of whom just so happened to be her uncle, 53-year-old Leroy Brathwaite. Charged with violating Barbados’ Consumer Protection Act Cap 326D and its national trademark law, Brathwaite will this week appear before a local court for knowingly selling products that could “mislead the public as to the nature of the goods." It seems, then, that even blood isn’t thick enough to combat the corruption of the global counterfeit culture prevading fashion today.

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