Some Self-Care Practices We’re Adopting, Via Self Practice

by: Rosie Dalton | 10 months ago | Features

Image: via @self.practice.


We are thinking about all communities currently grappling with the global healthcare crisis, particularly those close to home in Sydney – where things remain on high alert – and Melbourne, which has just entered the next stage of lockdown. At times like these, we could all use a little extra self-care, which is why we turned to expert and Self Practice founder Lauren Trend. 

“I firmly believe the most important relationship we have in our lives is that with ourselves,” Lauren says. Which is why her digital wellbeing platform “promotes fostering that relationship [with oneself] above all else,” and includes “research, references and the very personal practices of others to both inspire and remind us all that no two definitions of wellbeing are the same.” 

During this turbulent time, Self Practice has become a safe space for so many of us to feel supported. So we are sharing three self-care practices that we're adopting, courtesy of @self.practice.


1) Self-compassion 

Image: quote from Rukaiya Daud, via @self.practice.

“To be compassionate towards ourselves, we must first ask how,” Lauren says. “‘What do I need?' can be the single most powerful question we can ask ourselves in any given moment. The answer will regularly change, so ask often. Compassion is the act that follows – the tending to your needs. This will look different for everyone, so rather than tell, I'll remind others to ask, to check in with themselves and ask: how can you be there for you?”


2) Community care 

Image: Miles Davis' hand, via @self.practice.

“[Community] is remarkably important,” Lauren says. “I am most interested in the exploration of self as a conduit for connection. The connectivity and ongoing conversation with this community is why I wake up and work hard on building a business that is rooted in creativity and collaboration: for us all.” One of SP’s most recent prompts on Instagram is to ask ourselves: In what ways are you caring for your community?


3) Investing in the self 

Image: the SP Workbook, via @self.practice.

“In addition to our editorial origins, we now offer tools – in the form of a Workbook and Online Workshops – that encourage self-reflection and inspired action,” Lauren says. In support of these resources, Self Practice shares weekly prompts that encourage us to tune in, check in, and remember to continually invest in ourselves. That might be through uniform dressing (as Lauren does), through embracing a slower pace, or taking the time to put pen to paper in your journal. Whatever it looks like for you, self-care is personal care.


Follow @self.practice for more tips on self-care and wellbeing.


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