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We Need To Support Local Fashion While We Still Can

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: behind the scenes at Arnsdorf's local factory. 

Supporting local is important for creativity, community, and the economy, which is why it's important to support local fashion – while we still can.

As the Australian Financial Review points out, local manufacturing ultimately contributes to our gross domestic product and exports.

Beyond this, supporting local fashion also means taking control of our wardrobes in the sense that these brands often have greater control over (and visibility of) their supply chains. "We are working to provide greater transparency and traceability throughout the industry," explains Arnsdorf designer Jade Sarita Arnott. "By providing a breakdown of costings for each of our products, as well as the name of each individual working on the garment and source of the materials used, we build trust with our clients and serve to greater educate the wider community about what it actually costs to manufacture locally and ethically."

This level of trust is integral to understanding the impact our wardrobes have on the world. Meanwhile, supporting local fashion also means retaining local creativity and jobs. “Our commitment to manufacturing in Australia allows us to respond immediately to current trends, customer needs and keep jobs in Australia," Nobody Denim explains.

Making clothes locally can mean tighter margins and smaller production runs for designers, but for consumers, it also means higher quality and more original designs. The reason so many brands are now turning to overseas manufacturing is because it is much cheaper. But keeping manufacturing alive onshore means understanding where your clothes came from and how they were made.

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