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Shop The Slow Runway, And Enjoy 10% Off Jillian Boustred, Denimsmith, Kings of Indigo, and EKN

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | Features

Image: The Marie Dress by Kowtow.

Slow Runway happened last night in Adelaide and it was, to enthusiastically quote Tina Turner, simply the best.

Everyone from local legends Kowtow and Arnsdorf to global leaders Patagonia and Veja presented their collections, proving fashion with ethical values is not only much better for people and for the planet, but looks much better, too.

Like many things in ethical fashion, Slow Runway was a labour of love by Anny of Good Studios, Emily of The Commons, and Nat of Reswim Club, who work tirelessly (seriously, they are never tired, always enthusiastic, it’s unbelievable), and we need to thank them for building the community of likeminded designers and customers they have – legends!

To celebrate Slow, enjoy 10% off Slow Runway labels Denimsmith, Kings of Indigo, EKN, and Jillian Boustred, this weekend only – you’re welcome! (It’s also available in our Adelaide pop up shop – pop in!)

To the outfits!


Denimsmith (enjoy 10% off, this weekend only)

EKN (enjoy 10% off, this weekend only)

Jillian Boustred
(enjoy 10% off, this weekend only)

Kings of Indigo (enjoy 10% off, this weekend only)

Post Sole Studio

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